GoOFFline #2 Kiss off & goodbye

Once again you stand with your back to the wall. Like a breakwater you resist the waves of everyday life. An ocean of things crucial and trivial crashes against you as if you were a rock. They expect you to cope with all the hackneyed roles assigned to you. That you will be a tough successful woman, a tender mother, an ideal lover. And if need be – a fourth for playing bridge.

Can you do it?
Of course you can. But it’s not about meeting someone’s expectations. The real deal is to be yourself, to live according to your true nature.
You’re as pretty as spring, and in your chest beats the heart of an adventurer. You love freedom, you love independence. Fortitude goes hand in hand with feminine grace, the prowess of an Amazon warrior with maternal concern. Yes, it’s true, you’ve shot out of energy. But that was never a reason to give up.
So what’s your plan?
The only right one – go offline and reload.
Your time has come. Time to breathe fully. Time to kiss the digitally constrained world goodbye. Time dedicated only to you.



Farewell to the zero-sum gods, farewell to the liquid crystal leash.
Hello nature, hello wildlife.
Here is your true home. Here you feel the freedom you’ve always carried in your heart.
You catch your breath. You regenerate your strength.
Meanwhile, fake world, kiss off and goodbye!

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