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THUNDER knife secret feats

THUNDER knife secret feats

Folding knife has been accompanying travelers for over 2,500 years. The first “penknife” was discovered in Austria. It was made during the late Halstacka culture and dated around 600-500 BC.
Easy to hide, convenient and safe in transport, it quickly became the basic element of the equipment with a tinder and flint.
The blade, the source of fire or light are the most important elements of the EDC set to this day.

BUSHMEN Thunder has everything what’s important:

Above all, a relatively long folding knife (9 cm blade) with a comfortable lock that prevents the blade from accidentally snapping.
The shovel is hidden in the knife handle along with a clever space in which you can move the light / tinder.
Easy to use small, waterproof flashlight.

The handle has:

glass breaker
belt cutter.

See the video on which we present how to conveniently use a flashlight, move the “tinder” and use the flint while lighting a fire – “Hidden Thunder knife feats”


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