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BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear

Curiosity, passion, hunger for adventure – that’s us. Courage, determination, confidence – these are character traits that we value exceptionally highly. We discover, push the limits, create new ones, based on the experience of generations. We love nature. We feel like children of nature. Simplicity, multifunctionality, and reliability – this is how we imagine optimal travel gear.

BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear is a Polish brand established in 2010. Thanks to the high quality, attractive design, solid workmanship, and minimal weight of the materials used, we are gaining a growing number of users around the world.

The BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear brand is available in the best sports, tourist, military, and survival stores in Poland and worldwide.

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Our roots, mission and passions.

There were a few daredevils, young sailors whose legends were yet to be born. They were commanded by captain Bolesław Kowalski and they had only one goal: to see what they were capable of. In the grey reality of the 1950s, under the flag of the Polish Geographical Society, they were exploring the waterways of the Red Sea. On board their yachts, regardless of adversity and weather, they gained valuable exhibits for universities all over Poland. Over the years they have tempered their characters and craft in numerous sailing expeditions. They have made their mark in the annals of Polish discovery and travel sailing, including a daring escapade around South America. On board of two-mast ketch called “Śmiały” (‘Bold’) they struggled with the boundlessness and power of ocean waters for long fifteen months. They returned victorious only to plan and execute further expeditions.

Then there came the generational shift. The fortitude, the call to adventure, and the primal urge to explore new territories remained the same. The sea routes were replaced by forest backwoods, desert savannas, mountain peaks of Himalayas. Family tradition, love of adventure and the need of the heart ignited the spark that gave birth to the BUSHMEN® Travel Gear brand. Legends are born out of passion and forged out of perseverance. We do not lack both. Passion and stamina that’s the air we are breathing. Hard work is our daily bread.

Just like the outdoor pioneers we need reliable equipment. We have an advantage in creating its design and enhancing the production process by drawing knowledge and experience from the wisdom of generations and at the same time having access to modern technology. In simply words: we take the classics and modernize their elements. With our inventiveness we not only keep up with modernity but we instantly push to advance the present.

We know what kind of gear you (enthusiasts of the wild lifestyle) need, because we know what requirements to put on ourselves. Durability, functionality, featherweight – these are the basics of modern and professional equipment dedicated to outdoor & bushcraft market. These basics are the priority of our actions.

We work with people who are not afraid of rain, frost or scorching sun. When testing equipment we do not take prisoners. There is no compromise in our vocabulary. From South Africa through the Sahara to the fjords of Norway. From the Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska up to Mount Fuji in Japan.  We give ourselves and our gear a hard time. We are also in the workshop and in the sewing room – merciless to the materials from which we forge the BUSHMEN® Travel Gear brand. We tear, overload, bend, cut. We destroy in order to build anew – more durable, better, more efficient. We harden our accessories just like our characters – constantly and to the limit of endurance. For you. For us.

Outdoor there is no room for error. For compromises. For less than optimal quality.

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