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Welcome to our exciting “Tarps” category! If you love an active outdoor lifestyle, exploring the wild corners of nature, going on camping trips, or embarking on long hikes, then you’ve come to the right place. Our travel tarps are essential gear for every outdoor enthusiast seeking protection from unfavorable weather conditions.
Camping Tarp – An Alternative to Tents
The camping tarp, also known as a tarpaulin or simply tarp, is a versatile piece of equipment that serves as an excellent alternative to traditional tents. Made from durable and waterproof materials, these tarps not only provide reliable rain protection but also effectively shield you from the sun and wind, allowing you to enjoy outdoor adventures regardless of the weather conditions. It’s an effective shelter for camping.

In this category, you’ll find a wide selection of camping tarps, including both square and rectangular tarps.
Types of Camping Tarps
In our collection, everyone can find a tarp tailored to their needs. You can find large, waterproof travel tarps, with one side covered in a THERMO-Tarp 4×3 camo thermal insulation layer, or a Tarp 3×3 ULTRALIGHT dark olive with minimized weight. The bivy bag is a minimalist camping tarp or a sleeping bag cover that, when properly fastened, can serve as a small tarp or poncho.

The tarps are made from polyester (THERMO-type tarps) or nylon (ULTRALIGHT Tarps). Details about their construction and the number of attachment points can be found in the product descriptions. Learn how to create a storm shelter, a type B shelter, or even a hammock setup with a camping tarp – you’ll discover these and other tarp setups in tarpology.
Choosing the Right Shelter
If you’re unsure about which tarp to choose for your camping shelter, take advantage of our guide.

Within the tarps category, we’ve also included useful accessories such as bungee cords, tensioners for proper tarp side tensioning, as well as poles, stakes, pegs, and other accessories.

BUSHMEN® Travel Gear
Lightweight Camping Tarp – Tourist Equipment
A lightweight camping tarp is an essential piece of tourist equipment for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, providing effective protection against changing weather conditions during camping, trekking, or climbing activities.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, our ultralight tarp works perfectly as a portable shelter, allowing tourists to enjoy spontaneous overnight stays anywhere.

Its durable construction and waterproofing enable travelers to experience peace and comfort, even during sudden rain showers or windy conditions.

The lightweight camping tarp is easy to handle, enabling quick setup and protection against adverse weather elements, making it an invaluable tool for those valuing independence and mobility during their outdoor escapades.

Regardless of the type of activity, a lightweight camping tarp serves not only as practical equipment but also as a confidence booster, allowing you to embrace nature’s closeness while maintaining comfort and safety.
Trekking Tarps – Additional Shelter for Tents
A waterproof tarp can provide additional protection for your tent. Waterproof camping tarps from BUSHMEN® Travel Gear shield against atmospheric conditions. You can use them with a tourist hammock, as an extra tent cover, or as a bushcraft shelter. Survival tarps are excellent, multifunctional shields against sun, rain, snow, and wind.
Who is the Waterproof Camping Tarp For?
With our tarps, you can freely explore mountains, forests, beaches, and any other places that captivate you. Choose the right size and style to create your unforgettable adventures in the heart of nature. Tarps are an ideal solution for experienced hikers and beginners alike, looking to discover the magic of outdoor expeditions.
If every unnecessary gram annoys you, the ULTRALIGHT tarp is designed just for you! Every component is ultralight, even the cord. The entire set weighs only 0.4831g! It takes up as much space as a 0.5L bottle! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is absolutely the equipment for you.
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What is a Camping Tarp?

A camping tarp is a lightweight and durable fabric used during outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, or climbing.

What is the Purpose of a Camping Tarp?

Its main purpose is to provide protection against atmospheric conditions like rain, wind, or moisture, adding an extra layer of insulation and helping maintain warmth during outdoor sleep.

How to Use a Camping Tarp?

Here are a few steps on how to use a camping tarp during outdoor adventures:

Selecting the right spot: Find a flat and dry area for tarp setup that protects you from moisture and potential rain.

Setting up the tarp: Lay the tarp on the ground in a way that it’s taut but not overly tight. Use trees or rocks to secure the tarp’s corners if available.

Orientation: Pay attention to the wind direction. If rain or wind is expected, set up the tarp to provide maximum protection.

Proper tensioning: Ensure the tarp is adequately tensioned to prevent water pooling or unnecessary sagging.

Rain protection: If rain is expected, provide additional protection by covering tarp corners with stones or using special tent poles to elevate the corners.

Entrance and exit: If you need to enter under the tarp, lift one of the corners to create a makeshift entrance. Make sure the tarp is low enough to shield you from wind and rain.

Hygiene: If planning to spend the night under the tarp, ensure you have an insulating sleeping pad and sleeping bag for a comfortable and warm sleeping area.

Dismantling and storage: Before leaving the camping site, ensure the tarp is dry and clean. Roll it carefully and store it in your backpack for future use.

Remember that using a tarp skillfully can greatly enhance comfort and safety during outdoor adventures. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with proper usage before your trip.

Who Is a Camping Tarp For?

It’s useful for enthusiasts of camping, hikers, bicycle travelers, climbers, and survivalists. Essentially, anyone who values outdoor activities and needs extra protection in outdoor conditions can benefit from a tarp to provide shelter on their journey – it’s a practical tool for maintaining comfort and safety.