THERMO-Blanket – manual

THERMO-Blanket™ – One of the most universal solutions providing protection against cold and wet. You can use it as a top-blanket, hammock under blanket, or a simple poncho. The seemingly simple cut conceals a number of clever solutions that increase its thermal insulation properties and extend its functionality.

THERMO-Blanket™ has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 2m x 1.4m with 8 plastic loops on the corners and longer sides. In the middle of the longer side, there is a comfortable hood, while the shorter sides are equipped with welts. The set includes two expanders and a transportation bag.

THERMO-Blanket – manual

Hammock under blanket

 Instrukcja obsługi THERMO-Blanket

  1. Put the THERMO-Blanket™ in the previously hung hammock and attach the hooks of the expanders into the D-rings placed at the corners of THERMO-Blanket™ so that the expander connects the corners of the short sides.
  2. Hang it (fleece inside) from the bottom of the hammock and adjust the position with cords and welts on the short sides.
  3. The hood naturally turns into a convenient pocket for the small items that you would like to have at hand.

Your hammock under blanket is ready!

Sleeping bag cover / Top-quilt

An additional waterproof, top layer for your sleeping bag will protect it from rain and provide additional insulation.

  1. Pull the welt on one side to create a foot box and cover yourself with the rest like a blanket.
  2. To prevent the blanket from slipping, you can place the tensioners under the mattress and attach them to the D-rings on the edges of the blanket. Thanks to this solution, regardless of how you will wriggle, the blanket will remain in the right place.


  1. Just put the hood on your head and wrap the rest of the blanket around you.
     Instrukcja obsługi THERMO-Blanket
  2. You can put the hooks of the expander together and attach them to the D-rings closest to the hood. In this way, you will additionally protect the poncho created in this way.

Safety and adjustment – THERMO-Blanket – manual

The safety of use and the adjustment of the under blanket are ensured by expanders built with elastic cords and plastic hooks.
They are designed to absorb any stresses arising during use. In the situation that the stresses or forces acting on the headliner are greater than the stretch capacity of the expanders, the elastic cords of the expanders slip out of the hook handle.
This is the alarm signal and the intended way to protect the THERMO-Blanket™ from damage.
In this way, the plastic hooks on the ends of the expanders act as fuses.

Slipping the end of the expander back into the hook is trivial.
Lift the flap on the top of the hook. Slide the end of the expander into the gap formed between the flap and the main part of the hook, and close the flap.
Don’t let the end of the expander slip off the hook. It means that the forces acting on the D-rings are too high and can cause damage. Slipping out of the hook that is not covered by the warranty.

Cleaning – THERMO-Blanket – manual

THERMO-Blanket™ is made basically of a soft and warming fleece layer and an outer protective polyester fabric covered with a thermal insulation layer on the inside. Cleaning and washing should be adapted to the inner fleece layer, which is much more delicate.

THREMO-Blanket™ is generally machine washable. The cleaning rules are simple and you should follow just a few rules:

  1. Wash in cold water up to 40OC – delicate washing mode. Washing at high temperatures may cause pilling.
  2. Use mild (or in small amounts) detergents, do not use bleach. Using too much or other strong detergents may cause the fibers to stick together or damage them.
  3. Spin and dry THERMO-Blanket™ on the lowest settings (spin not higher than 800 rpm) or simply tumble dry fleece side up at temperatures up to 40OC, higher settings may cause fibers to shrink and curl, which reduces the insulating properties of the fleece.
    Of course, do not use an iron.