Underquilt manual – check how to use it and check alternative use.

Underquilt – ultra light, extremely warm, down-filled hammock underquilt.
You can also use the underquilt as a sleeping bag/topquilt, duvet or just additional insulation cover to your sleeping bag. Check below how to use it.

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Underquilt manual for the use with a hammock:

  1. Hang the hammock.
  2. Take the quilt out of the bag and shake it down, so the down will expand more easily.
  3. Put it into the hammock, in the proper direction: the narrow end towards the feet direction, the wide end towards the head direction.
  4. Hook the tensioners to the loops placed on the corners of the underquilt.
  5. Attach the expanders to the carrabiners that connect the hammock with the tree huggers or other attachment points.
  6. Move the tensioners to adjust the length of the expanders so that the expanders are tensioned but not working yet.
  7. Move the underquilt under the hammock. The bottom of the hammock should be about 10cm above the bottom of the underquilt.
  8. Adjust the shape of the underquilt with the cord on both ends of the underquilt. Usually it is enough to pull the cord halfway.
  9. Get into the hammock and adjust the underquilt, so that it gently wraps the hammock.
    Just tense or loose the expanders over your head.

    • Tensioning – pull the end of the expander (after releasing it, the tensioner will lock the expander in the given position).
    • Loosening – slightly raise the end of the tensioner. The expander will move (by releasing the tensioner, the expander will be locked back in the given position).
    • Check and adjust the cord over your head so the underquilt gently wraps the hammock.

Underquilt manual for sleeping on the ground.

Underquilt can be used as an alternative to the sleeping bag or topquilt when we want to sleep on the sleeping pad (remember that the sleeping pad should have a proper R-value).

  1. Take the quilt out of the bag and shake it down, so the down will expand more easily.
  2. Make a foot-box. Pull the cord on the narrow end of the quilt.
  3. Tide and gently tension the expanders over the sleeping pad.
    Remember that the knot should be under or at the side of the sleeping pad.
  4. Push one of the expanders down to the half way of the sleeping pad and another one to the place where you expect to have your knees.
  5. Make the space for the legs.
    Move together the tensioners at the expander placed at the level of the knees.
    Hook them into the cords that you find on the edges of the underquilt.
  6. Put your legs into the given space.
  7. Make a collar for arm protection. Tie the corner loops, and put the collar over your head.
    Gently pull the cord placed under your throat so your collar will wrap your arms.
  8. Place the tensioners at the expander that is at the halfway:
    • When it’s cold, move them close to your body. Hook the cord – the underquilt will wrap you like a sleeping bag.
    • When it’s warm, move them to the ends of the sleeping pad. Hook the cord – the underquilt will work as a nice quilt.

Cords hooked to the tensioners will keep the quilt in the proper position even if the cords are loose.

You can use the Underquilt GLOW just as a duvet.


  • Do not tense the expandors to much – the underquilt works better if the hammock is wrapped gently.
  • The comfort temperature of the underquilt is given under the assumption that you are covered with a sleeping bag or topquilt with the same, or higher comfort temperature. Please be adviced to read more about the comfort temperature here!
  • Before you go outdoor, test your quilt in the controlled conditions.
  • Protect your sleeping place from wind and rain (e.g. use the Tarp).

Good practice:

  • Warm up your body and eat something before sleep.
  • Satisfy physiological needs.
  • Put on dry cloths, including cap.
  • Do not cover your mouth and nose.
  • Do not drink alcohol before sleep.