GoOFFline – adventures matter only in real life.


We’re not protecting whales from extinction, children from candy, or saving the planet from global warming. Our goal is a simple message: Man, unplug for a moment and see if you still remember what real life looks like.


Take a breath.

Put your avatars on social media to sleep, tell your electronic mailman to ‘un-google’. Stop twittering online, and instead listen live to the feathered professionals at this graceful job.


Let loose.

Feel the wind in your hair again, the dew on your bare feet, taste the food straight from the cauldron over the campfire. Let the sunrise relieve the electronic torturer, which you caressingly call an alarm clock. Let sunset replace the liquid crystal ersac as wallpaper on your computer desktop. Let dusk be the real dusk, not the title of a movie shown on your TV. Let the stars at night replace your zero-sum planetarium from a video game. The warmth of a live flame, a heated smartphone charger.



In short: We’re not so much urging you to air out your lungs and stretch your limbs in the fresh air as we are to FULLY commune with nature. To really rest, regenerate, and feel part of the world you were designed for, you need to cut yourself off from the fake existence on the Internet, if only for a moment. There is no sense in trips and travels even to the most beautiful and wildest areas of our planet if you are stuck with your nose in the smartphone. “YT”, “tiktok”, “instagram”, nightlife with VOD online. That’s not the way to go.


GoOFFline, while it has an environmental/social/lifestyle message, is simultaneously marketing-driven. As its originators and creators we sign it with our company logo. We invest in it, but we do not derive from it financial benefits in the strict sense of the word. Image benefits – yes, of course.
Although it may seem funny (large-scale campaign calling for disconnecting from the Net and spending free time in nature, simultaneously displayed often and thickly in this exact Net) we encourage you:

Go offline!

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